Week Four is Underway! Updates from Vallejo, Vacaville, Benicia, and Marin Sites


Benicia Week 4 - Outreach Table

Week 4 is here! The past Friday was delicious as our team celebrated their hard work with pizza, chinese food and ice cream with hot fudge. We are proud of our youth for powering through as we try to inform Benecia residence of this new program. While we have been reaching out to Benecia locals, we have also met residents of Vallejo and Martinez who we are able to share program information with. Today our Green House Calls are low, so we are taking the day as an opportunity to do more outreach. The image above is our team stationed at 7-Eleven for National Hot Dog Day. Regional Outreach Manager, Molly, is spending the day with us as well to take some of our Energy Specialists on canvassing runs. Later on we will be going to the Soup Kitchen “to provide a service to people”, said by Kenya Wright. From Green House Calls, community service and canvassing, our team is helping the community in various ways. Raphael says that his favorite assignment is outreach because he loves wearing the mascot costume. For Julius, he really enjoys Green House Calls because he gets to “feel welcomed by the residents” and gets to know them more. Sometimes outreach comes with “cold shoulders”, but he feels the most welcomed on Green House Calls. At the end of the day, we are just community members who want to help one another. Each one of us is an individual from different walks of life with different experiences, but one thing we all have in common is that we care for the environment and our neighbors here in Breezy Benecia.

– Dharshini N.


Fourth week of Green House Calls (GHCs)! This week and last we booked some apartment complexes and our Energy Specialists (ESs) worked full days away from the office to perform 70 GHCs. They did extremely well working together to get the job done. They provided consistent quality service and dealt with the clients in a very professional manner. I’m planing to have a pizza party for them next week to celebrate their accomplishments.



Vacaville Week 4 - Goal Thermometer

Hey everybody! We’ve almost reached the 4 week mark. We only have 2 weeks left. My team is working hard. I’m very happy because we are in the process of getting a 75 unit apartment complex. That’ll help boost our scores up and take us to the lead in the region. Wish us luck. Also our team has excelled in being able to canvass and get a lot of on the spot appointments. I’m very proud of them because it really helps develop their social and public skills. I’m looking forward to the professional development tomorrow on resume/cover letter writing. I can’t wait to see how beneficial the training is in helping the Energy Specialists understand the necessary steps to take to apply for future employment.


Novato and San Rafael

Marin Week 4 - bagels

The Novato and San Rafael sites had yet another great week. Clients were delighted with their Green House Calls and the Energy Specialists were highly successful in procuring referrals. Last week the sites were also pleased to enter into a relationship with a bakery allowing us to receive essentially limitless day-old bagels whenever desired (the first batch is pictured above). Friday yielded an engaging and informative professional development about interviewing skills and resume and cover letter writing. The lesson was followed by an enjoyable burrito party. The teams continue to work diligently this week and celebrate the half-way point of the program.



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