Week Five Updates from Martinez, Oakland, Pleasanton, and Union City


Martinez Week 5 - Food Bank

Continuing their adventure to successfully service home’s in Martinez, the Martisians continue to gather as many appointments as possible. Why just last week they appeared at the food bank yet again to try and round up some more people. They have had their ups and downs but nothing to crush their spirits.A great event that the Martisians held was a Torchiere lamp swap in which they were able to swap out more than 20 hallogen bulb torchieres for CFL versions!! With only two more weeks left in this adventure the urgency is great, and everyone is putting in their part to try and gather appointments. Two new winners have also emerged from gathering referrals. Ian and Charlotte have become the winners of two Jamba Juice cards and the competition for referrals continues. From going to Farmers Market, Canvassing, and going to Food Banks the Martisians have done everything possible to achieve full schedules. One week left and time is running out. Martisians continue to pull out all the stops!!!




This week has been our best week so far. The ES’s are now pros and have been knocking these Green House Calls out with no issues. One group hit the jackpot in referrals when they went to canvass in Jingle Town and we have serviced many houses in that neighborhood. We have been giving them many incentives and have not told them what the last gift is. As for outreach we have found community centers to be very helpful with getting us appointments and we still have one more to go so we can secure next week.




Pleasanton Week 5 - tree planting

Well, our team is changing light bulbs like crazy! I cannot be more proud of their progress. We had a rough week, but it is only making our team stronger. It’s impressive how many revisits we have to do simply because we run out of time and light bulbs. We have already had to restock on 15 watt light bulbs with just two weeks left! I love that the Energy Specialist teams are doing so well with each other, but to shake things up, we switched up the teams this week, in hopes of having greater progress. Beside that, things are going fairly well. Robbie is doing an excellent job as an outreach manager. He is not a local but he seems to know about all the great events to conduct outreach at. He has been to the farmer’s market, the retirement center, First Wednesday Night Street fair as well as many great canvassing hotspots. Cesar, our manager, is just so organized it amazes me that someone’s brain can understand that much intricate detail and stay on top of everything. I am a lucky LIFT to have such intelligent Energy Specialists and amazing managers. Thanks for reading!



Union City

The end of the summer program is upon us; with only 6 more days of Green House Calls, our energy specialist are eager to reach our goal of completing 250 appointments. All of the teams have put great effort in trying to get signups, and even doing on the spot appointments. We have struggled a little bit and hit some roadblocks, but that will not stop our team from being successful this summer.

In other news, our Energy Specialists went through a professional development that emphasized interview skills. We had the Energy Specialists get a one-on-one interview from the managers and the LIFT to give them practice and feedback on their interviewing techniques. Overall the lesson went great and the energy specialist really appreciated the help and are looking forward to learning about money management this week.


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