Final Week Posts from Union City, Benicia, and Pleasanton

Union City

Union City Week 6 - full staff

This week is the last week we will be serving the citizens of Union City with Green House Call appointments. I am pleased to say that it has been an exciting summer filled with much joy and laughter. Our team is sad that it is our last week together so we are all cherishing the memories before the program comes to an end. We as a team loved reaching out to the community to provide a free service to clients that really appreciated all the work we have done. We hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of the program, and let the rest of your summer be filled with happiness.:)




Benicia Week 6 - Happy site

We are so sad to see the end to our program coming, but we are proud to have accomplished over 214 Green House Calls. The team grew in their ability to solve problems and communicate effectively. Below is our team reaction when we found out our total Green House Calls thus far. We grew professionally and we met great people through this program, every member was vital to our success.

-Dharshini N.



It is with both a heavy heart and a sigh of relief that I report the final week of CYES’s Pleasanton site. I could go on for pages about how much I enjoyed working with everyone at the site and how much I’ll miss them, but time is of the essence. As of today, we have proudly served over 270 homes. A true Cinderella story. Even now, my hands tremble as I type my last blog. Our youth continue to work diligently and efficiently even though tomorrow is their last day of Green House Calls. Some of our Energy Specialists are just getting started with high school while others are going off to college in different states. I hope they will all take with them the important experiences and memories they have made during their short time with Rising Sun. See you next summer!




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