Water Is Life – Urban Art Competition

Urban Art pcard FRONT outlinesClick here to submit your expression of interest through this Google form!


  1. The competition is open to everyone ages 12 and up.
  2. Artwork can be existing or newly created, but must adhere to the following criteria:
    1. Highlight a water issue or water conservation practices/solutions, and
    2. If water is used in the art/installation, it must incorporate greywater practices.
  3. In addition, the artist must choose at least one of the following concepts to incorporate into the art piece:
    1. Use of recycled materials
    2. Illustrate the relationship between the natural environment in the context of an urban setting
    3. Create a piece that shows a visual image of the Rising Sun logo
    4. Demonstrate the use of non-toxic materials
    5. Watershed and riparian ecosystem awareness
    6. An urban response to water conservation
    7. A scientific issue involving water conservation
    8. California water issues and problems
    9. New technologies in water conservation
    10. Incorporate water wise landscaping into the art/installation
    11. Greywater systems
    12. Rainwater capture
    13. Industrial water uses, fracking, agriculture, livestock production, etc.
    14. Spoken word
    15. Performance Art

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