Build It Green

Last week our friends at Build It Green hosted their Water Wise Homes Conference, where building professionals learned from other builders and designers about water-saving practices and technologies. From the simple to the complex, experts covered everything from appliance choices to best practices related to conveyance of hot water. Babak Tondre of the design and building firm DIG Cooperative discussed the wide variety of grey water and rainwater catchment systems options.  Systems like these that DIG installs help with drought resilience and erosion reduction.  Participants also heard from presenter Chie Kawahara who spoke from the vantage point of the homeowner learning about water saving measures and her process of choosing the retrofits and contractors that best matched her home’s needs and her budget.  An afternoon panel included affordable housing developer, Eden Housing. Staff from Eden from spoke about the cost savings that investing in major water and energy efficiency projects has generated for their multi-unit affordable dwellings.  Thanks to Build It Green for inviting Rising Sun to participate!

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