Youth Impact HUB launch

Rising Sun staff recently joined in the celebrations for the launch of Youth Impact HUB, which provides a space for youth in Oakland who are working on innovative approaches to addressing social and environmental issues in their communities. Youth Impact HUB recognizes that young people are full of talent and insight, yet many are in need of resources and community support to actualize their visions.

“It’s not about helping young people; it’s about our future, because our future depends on the youth,” said a HUB staffer.

Van Jones, a pioneer in the green urban economy, helped organize the launch and also noted the importance of youth having community backing for their endeavors. He noted that projects like Impact HUB support brilliant young people who may not have easy access to educational or financial resources.  Van noted that youth aren’t looking for charity – “all they want is a shot.”

United Roots and Youth SEED were instrumental in the launch of Youth Impact HUB. United Roots provides training and space for youth to work on media and tech projects as well as wellness services and sustainability training programs; Youth SEED provides inter-generational support to youth who are interested in pursuing their own social enterprises. Through Youth Impact HUB programs, young people will have the opportunity to live up to their full potential, as well as to create jobs not only for themselves, but also for the community.


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