Rising Sun Energy Center Announced as Energy Upgrade California® Grant Award Winner

Rising Sun is happy to announce that we have been named one of a select number of community-based organizations across the state to become an Energy Upgrade California Ambassador. We have been awarded a grant to develop and implement energy management outreach, awareness, and educational programs for our local community with an emphasis on reaching diverse and under-served populations. We will be partnering with Community Energy Services Corporation to implement this project.

This is part of Energy Upgrade California’s efforts to work with grassroots organizations and educate Californians about the simple steps they can take to better manage energy, save money, and make their homes more sustainable.

Graduates of Rising Sun’s adult Sales & Marketing training class will be representing Energy Upgrade California as Ambassadors at community events and meetings of community groups around the East Bay, educating the public on the benefits of conserving energy. Visitors at these events will receive helpful energy-saving tips and learn about additional information available on Energy Upgrade California’s website. Rising Sun will also be sharing tips and information through our website Facebook, and Twitter pages throughout the year.

We are really excited about this new partnership, as it will give us the opportunity to do something we love, educating people on energy and sustainability, while also allowing us to continue providing training and meaningful work opportunities to participants in our programs.

This is an excellent way to start 2015 and we are glad for the opportunity to share the thrill of this partnership with you!


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