Vacaville Site: Work Hard and Play Hard, Too

By Nawid, Vacaville Site, LIFT (Leader-In-Field-Training)

There’s a quote that they say “All work, no play.” Here in Vacaville, we are all about working hard and playing hard, too. We don’t just meet goals, but we exceed expectations and set new ones that are even higher. Last week we welcomed our Energy Specialist’s and the Drivers to the California Youth Energy Services program, Vacaville site. It’s been great and we’ve gotten to know each other very well.  Since this isn’t my first year with Rising Sun, one question that I like to ask the youth is “Why is this program important to you, and what made you want to become a part of Rising Sun?” Everyone had great things to say about the program, but one response stood out the most.

Nawid blog pics

“This job is important because it’s an escape. If I’m having a bad day, going to Rising Sun is a whole different energy. It’s happier and comforting, and I forget why I was upset in the first place. This job makes me feel like I’m doing something important. I normally don’t feel like what I do matters, but here I feel differently. Making people more aware of their actions and giving them energy tips so they can help save the environment makes me feel better. With this job I think we can make a huge difference in our cities and help everyone become more energy efficient.”
Kiara, 17, Energy Specialist

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