Martinez Site: A Team and a Support Group

By Azalea, Martinez Site, LIFT (Leader-In-Field-Training)

We’re one week into the program, and the Martinez site is already a team. However, it didn’t start off that way. In the beginning, the Energy Specialist arrived at the site and no one really knew each other. I noticed that they needed help throwing their “cool card’ away in order to get comfortable enough to have fun during training.

It’s not always easy when people have their “cool card” out because they don’t want to participate; they just want to appear cool. To overcome this dilemma, we did our very best to make things fun and interesting, adding a hint of silliness to our activities.

Azalea Blog Pics 1

We broke down barriers and helped everyone feel included and comfortable while we trained. And at the same time we had amazing times together through ice breakers, jokes, and just laughing at ourselves for things that we know we messed up on.

Now, everyone at this site is so close and comfortable with each other and that is what makes us a great team. We are all different people with different personalities, goals, expectations, but we are more than a team. We are also a support group for each other, and that is what makes us great.

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