Suisun City Site: Saving Water and Energy in Suisun City

By Daneen, LIFT (Leader-In-Field-Training)

Last year I was an Energy Specialist for Rising Sun Energy Center. Every day I would go to homes and install energy and water efficient measures, as well as educate homeowners on how to be more efficient with energy and water saving tips. When I educated homeowners and renters, I also began using all these tips in my own home and personal life.  I would save the cold water from my shower while I’m waiting for it to warm up, then use that water for my plants. There are so many ways to save water!

Daneen pics 2
Energy Specialists demonstrating water conservation methods

Now that I’m a LIFT, I’m helping educate this year’s Suisun City Energy Specialists. It’s a new experience for me to be a leader and peer mentor for youth. It’s great being able to do something I truly enjoy. Some of the things our Energy Specialists and I have learned is that every drop counts. So, taking fewer or shorter showers will also help conserve water. Being mindful of the drought that California is suffering from is so crucial. That’s why Rising Sun provides installations at no cost for bathroom and kitchen sink aerators, as well as shower heads that have efficient gallons per minute standards. The Energy Specialists and I are excited to be servicing Suisun City residents, and happy to be a part of this earth positive organization. We’re happy to be making a difference.


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