Stockton Site: To Lead and Inspire

Jose, LIFT (Leader-In-Field-Training)

Rising Sun Energy Center has become an important stepping-stone for accomplishing an immense goal that I’ve had since I was a little kid: being a role model and inspiring others. Being one of the first LIFT in the Central Valley is truly an honor. I have the opportunity to be a mentor and also a friend to the new Energy Specialists this summer, and it’s just a blessing.

Jose pics1

           When my manager and I first started the Energy Specialist training, I was anxious to learn everyone’s stories and life journeys. I knew this would allow me to better understand and hopefully help them overcome any obstacle. We have not only worked as team performing Green House Calls, which help the community and environment save energy and water, but we also have built lifelong friendships. This program has made me step outside of my comfort zone, which I really appreciate because it has pushed me to utilize and enhance all my skills. Being a LIFT this year has given me the chance to improve myself in every aspect, and also improve my community, which I’m very thankful for. As the program comes to a close, I hope to continue to develop my skills, lead, and inspire my Energy Specialists.

Jose pics 2

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