Fremont Site: Let’s Go Solar!

By Gerron, LIFT, Leader-In-Field-Training

            Over these past five years, here at Rising Sun, I’ve accumulated so much knowledge in the fields of energy and water conservation. I’ve practically have become a mobile resource guide. The way I look at it, on the one hand my experience as an Energy Specialist has taught me to become more of a professional in terms of self-identity and communication. While on the other hand, participating as a LIFT has taught me to establish a clean system of operations while managing my use of time efficiently. With the help of this program, I was fortunate enough to be provided with many opportunities for growth in public speaking as well as learning more myself and my work habits. Whether it was as an Energy Specialist doing Green House Calls or as a LIFT doing professional development workshops, the knowledge I’ve consumed is immeasurable.


            With the introduction of different solar variations and appliances, I’ve learned the importance of going solar and now plan to become a solar engineer. This is why this very program, is so important to me. I’ve developed as a manager and leader, and now I’m on a greater path professionally.


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