Novato Site: Sharing Knowledge with our Community

By Seliena, LIFT (Leader-In-Field-Training)

Growing up in California has provided me with an extensive arsenal of energy and water savings knowledge. For example, before joining Rising Sun, I knew the importance of taking shorter showers, and not running water when unnecessary. When I’m combing conditioner through my tangled locks, I’ll switch off the water, and I’ll turn it back on when I’m done. Something new I learned at Rising Sun is that phantom energy can account for up to 10% of your energy bills! Crazy! I now use my power strip to prevent that, by having all of my electronics plugged into it and switching it off when I leave the house.

Seliena blog pic - Novato 2

Our Novato Energy Specialists are always sharing this new knowledge in the community. I, as well, do my best to share my savings ideas with those around me. I am lucky to have people surrounding me who share my interest in water and energy conservation. However, I still encounter people who are apathetic about the environment and feel that they have no stake in the issue. This apathy is frustrating and sad. It can feel overwhelming, and like no one individual can make a difference in the face of this global issue. Still, we underestimate our individual power of collective impact. We can only do so much, but it adds up. Just like every water measure and energy measure we’ve installed this summer, the effect is cumulative, and the end result can be surprising. I have hope, because a sustainable future is within our reach!

Seleina blog pic - novato


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