Rising Sun Spotlight: Sunrun

By Marrion Johnson

Community building is more than the simple shaking of hands and ribbon cutting in front of large, high-profile crowds. Real community partners have shared values and goals, and do what they can to support one another’s mission. We at Rising Sun are so fortunate to have found such support from our partners at Sunrun, a home solar company that not only appreciates our commitment to the teaching of energy efficiency, but that also was a Steward Level Sponsor at our annual fundraising event, Bright Night 2015.


Sunrun strives to reinvent the way millions of people power their homes by removing the high cost and complexity of going solar. They provide planet-changing home solar in an easy, inexpensive, and low risk way. Part of what makes Sunrun so special is its origin. It was the first solar company that focused entirely on making solar affordable for residents.

That’s why we deeply value our relationship with Sunrun. When asked about the importance of Sunrun and Rising Sun’s partnership, Sunrun’s Director of Public Policy, Walker Wright, explained, “You guys are doing a fantastic job training the solar workforce of tomorrow.”  Sunrun is interested in supporting workforce development and low income solar programs. Walker went on to explain how Sunrun admires “Rising Sun’s positive attitude—the quality training and education in addition to the efforts to plug people into this industry’s growth.”


We ended our conversation with Walker encouraging people to join the solar movement. To him, in addition to saving our precious environment, it’s simply smart business. “The clean energy economy is the economy of tomorrow. We have to do a better job of training a workforce for that economy. And we have to do a better job of having these programs have their voices heard in the public policy space.”

To learn more about Sunrun, visit their website www.sunrun.com.


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