Rising Sun Spotlight: SunPower

By Marrion Johnson

Here at Rising Sun, we realize the importance and power of partnerships. Uniting with like-minded organizations means addressing environmental change on a multi-tiered front. SunPower’s focus on solar expansion directly aligns with Rising Sun’s goal of empowering people to achieve environmental sustainability for themselves and their communities. SunPower works with homeowners to install solar panels at affordable rates and at $0 down. Their process is easy, affordable, and reliable.

To Renée Solari, SunPower’s Program Manager for Education Services, Rising Sun’s California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program, which employs and empowers hundreds of youth to educate folks and make their homes efficient all at no cost, is right up SunPower’s alley. “We recognize [that] in our aim to support young people to have relationships in solar, solar doesn’t have a place unless we have a strong foothold in energy efficiency. [The] CYES program helps make that connection.”


SunPower has become an important part of our CYES program, providing resources to allow for the training of all of this year’s 180 Energy Specialists to provide solar assessments to homeowners served with the CYES Green House Call service. Last year, CYES piloted the solar assessment program in Antioch, and this year, with SunPower’s support, we were able to provide assessments to homeowners in each of the 20 cities we serve. Over 300 homeowners received a free solar report and those who qualified received a discount through SunPower for installing solar panels onto their homes.

In addition to working with Rising Sun, Renée explains that SunPower is invested in being a support system for STEM students: those interested in science, technology, engineering and math. “We’re in communities that are under-resourced. We provide support to the districts through work-based learning. We have a summer program where high school students get to see what it’s like to work in a solar company. They learn 21st century skills.”

The broad advantages of solar are a driving force for SunPower. According to Renée, “The way in which the US does business and moves forward, it’s not going fast enough to create an economy and life where we’re truly sustainable and equitable. Solar really responds to that. Providing the most basic thing you need. Immediately shifting from a fossil fuel to renewable energy economy. That’s why this is so important to SunPower. By going solar you’re stimulating a local economy.” And that sounds great to us!

Sign up for your free quote today. If you go solar before January 31, 2016, you may be eligible for a $750 rebate on your system. Visit http://www.sunpower.com/risingsun for more information.


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