Rising Sun Spotlight: The Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union

By Marrion Johnson

Sustainability is central to Rising Sun’s mission and values. We recognize that our communities require both environmental and economic sustainability in order to create a truly renewable future. For that reason, partnering with the Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union has been a no-brainer to Rising Sun.

As a member-owned and governed financial institution, the Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union has committed itself to providing quality services and education in a caring, responsible, professional manner, while encouraging the financial freedom of its members. Debbie Crowson, the Cooperative Center FCU’s Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Charter Group Relations, believes that credit unions are the best option for folks interested in making their money work for them. “One of the best benefits of joining our union is the low loan rates we offer. If you go to a bank and apply for a credit card, your rates are higher. Here, you’re eligible for lower rates. When you join us you can feel the difference. You feel like you’re a part of something bigger and good.”

The Cooperative Center FCU staff

The Cooperative Center FCU’s benefits don’t just stop there. They also are always looking for ways to reinvest in the community. “We try to support a lot of local nonprofits like Berkeley Food and Housing and the Alameda County Food Bank. We keep our business local. If we can keep our money in the area, that’s our preference.”

When asked what the credit union loves so much about Rising Sun, Debbie’s answer was simple. “We love your mission. We think you’re innovative, creative and doing wonderful things, especially with the youth.” And we appreciate the support.

Learn more about The Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union here.


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